Legal Assistants

Trudy A. Cyr
  • Trudy A. Cyr
  • Systems Administrator/
    Legal Assistant to Stewart H. McConaughy

Linda Bradford Barron
  • Linda Bradford Barron
  • Legal Assistant to Matthew B. Byrne, Robert B. Hemley and Andrew D. Manitsky

Lori M. Desotell
  • Lori M. Desotell
  • Billing Administrator/
    Legal Assistant to Robert F. O’Neill and Matthew S. Stern

Kathleen A. Hatch
Susan M. Hine
  • Susan M. Hine
  • Legal Assistant to Heather Briggs,
    Peter S. Erly, Ethan B. McLaughlin and Pauline Law

Kelly J. Mercure
Nancy C. Mongeon
  • Nancy C. Mongeon
  • Recruiting Administrator/
    Legal Assistant to Jeanne C. Blackmore, William A. Mason and Margaret L. Montgomery

Katherine M. Murphy
  • Katherine M. Murphy
  • Trusts and Estates Paralegal/
    Legal Assistant to Jeanne C. Blackmore and William G. Post

Judith A. Rice
Nicolee L. Torrey
  • Nicolee L. Torrey
  • Legal Assistant to David A. Boyd, Amanda Hemley Paulino and Navah C. Spero