Legal Assistants

Linda Bradford Barron
  • Linda Bradford Barron
  • Legal Assistant to Matthew B. Byrne, Robert B. Hemley, Erin M. Moore and Navah C. Spero

Renee R. Crow
Katy A. Daly
  • Katy A. Daly
  • Legal Assistant to Heather Rider Hammond, Pauline Y. Law and William A. Mason, IV

Kathleen A. Hatch
  • Kathleen A. Hatch
  • Legal Assistant to Hillary A. Borcherding and Robert F. O’Neill

Susan M. Hine
  • Susan M. Hine
  • Legal Assistant to Catherine A. Burke, Peter S. Erly, Oliver R. Goodenough, Keith Roberts and David J. Thelander

Kelly J. Mercure
  • Kelly J. Mercure
  • Legal Assistant to Timothy M. Eustace, Jeffry O. Polubinski and Scott Rowland

Nancy C. Mongeon
  • Nancy C. Mongeon
  • Legal Assistant to Jeanne C. Blackmore, Livia K. DeMarchis and Cassandra LaRae-Perez

Jennifer Roberts
Nicolee L. Torrey
  • Nicolee L. Torrey
  • Legal Assistant to Celeste E. Laramie, Daniel J. Martin, Amanda Hemley Paulino, Chase S. Whiting and Norman Williams