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$499,999.99 Settlement in Medical Malpractice Action Against Stowe Family Practice

Gravel & Shea attorney Robert Hemley successfully represented the estate of a woman who sought treatment from the Stowe Family Practice for headaches. The practice, which operated as a community health center protected by the Federal Tort Claims Act, failed to order the tests necessary to diagnose an underlying hemorrhage that ultimately resulted in the woman’s death. Defended by the United States Attorney for the District of Vermont, the practice asserted that the failure to order the necessary test was the result of a “glitch” in its office software.

Settlement Reached in Low Impact Collision

Gravel & Shea attorney Robert Hemley successfully represented a woman who was rear ended by an inattentive taxi driver while waiting at a red light on Battery Street in Burlington. The defense contended that the damages caused by the 5 mph collision that caused no damage to either vehicle was minimal. The amount of the settlement is confidential.